Why Penta Freight?


  • Makarand Sane, General Manager Head - Export Logistics

    “ We highly regard Penta Freight's professionalism and knowledge in the freight field.  Their team takes the work load and worry off our shoulders. For about two decades we have been satisfied by the flexible, reliable and trustworthy service and excellent quality of work. One key feature that Penta Freight portrays is that they understand our needs and put their best efforts in making thing possible. They have continued to innovate and change with the freight industry.  We have to say Penta Freight is very responsible and we look forward to continue doing business with them. Thank you for your excellent service. ”

    Makarand Sane, General Manager Head - Export Logistics
    Sun Pharma
  • Frank Naeve, Vice President Asia Pacific

    “ Penta Freight India was founded 25 years ago and has been a highly valued and reliable partner of Lufthansa Cargo since then.

    We know that they always stand by their commitment, which makes a meaningful difference to our business. Their continuous high focus on customer service and their strive towards individual solutions are key to staying dynamic and competitive in the market.

    Penta Freight is a pioneer in various ways: They were amongst the first forwarders to become our Premium Partner and so far they are the only one in India. Furthermore, they were the first forwarder realising the true potential of the pharma business and catering to the specific demand of this special industry. They retain the highest levels of expertise for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare logistics.

    We are very happy to partner with such a professional and loyal company like Penta Freight. ”

    Frank Naeve, Vice President Asia Pacific
  • Ryan Viegas,  Vice President – Supply Chain & Procurement

    “ Penta Freight has been one of our export LSP’s for several years and our experience with them has been consistently good.

    Besides having strong relationships with airlines to obtain competitive rates, Penta Freight has the ability to get things done in a compliant manner. In addition, an excellent service level and professional relationship was maintained throughout the course of export operations.

    Best wishes for all success. ”

    Ryan Viegas, Vice President – Supply Chain & Procurement
    Watson Pharma
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